Scientists Connect Brain Cells to Nanotube Computer Chips

The brain-computer interface will be a critical component for extreme human life extension.

Such connections will allow the human brain and mind to expand beyond its current limits and could potentially allow one’s consciousness to long outlive outlive one’s body.

We are at the first steps of this inevitable journey, and the work of researchers at the University of Wisconsin appears to be laying the groundwork.

Scientists there have first created silicon-geranium nanotubes. Then they placed them into a culture of mouse neurons.

There they found the dendrites from the nerve cells were drawn to explore and grow into and through the tubes and even follow their structural architecture.

In the next stage of research the tubes will be made into functional silicon transistor chips that will be capable both of reading electric signals from the dendrites as well as stimulating them. This would then form the basis of future brain-machine interfaces.

“There’s a lot of nontrivial engineering that has to happen, that’s the real challenge,” said one expert. “It’s really cool engineering, but what it means for neuroscience remains to be seen.”

Source (Discovery)

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13 Responses to “Scientists Connect Brain Cells to Nanotube Computer Chips”

  1. Harley Sutton says:

    When this interface happens I hope it will be possible for us to live on, exist forever in cyberspace. To live beyond the limits of the human body. Perhaps then we could travel at light speed. So glad to see someone is working on this.

  2. Al says:

    The electric symulated formula the chips read is red into numbers that is broken down into letters that are put into words, so these chips are reading your thoughts every conscious thought just as this artical tells you. Can you imagin every little twitch you make it is like steeling your soul no hidden secrets from whoever is at the other end of the computer your chip is programed to or how ever many computers are connected to the one chip, what you think your thoughts will apear on a computer screen without touching a key board and with out your knowledge if you were not apart of the experiment. The chip can bring out your inner utmost conscious awareness of EVERY EVERY nerve end in your body.

  3. nibir says:

    very happy to hear this……………..

  4. Eric Sommer says:

    Where can we learn more about this project and similar ones possibly leading towards brain/computer and/or brain/brain integration? Thanks.

    • miguel ortiz says:

      33Something like that is happening to me without nobody could give me a explanation my brain is expanding and somebody is tryin to cover this with radiofrequencyphones…if it a way to contact me…..please doit…thankyou…978 420 9823…

  5. Bernie Kitts says:

    Carbon fiber nanotubes as scaffolds for building new structures such as organs is of great interest. Bio copying yourself and replacing your parts with new ones will eliminate the need to
    become part of the Borg! (Resistance is futile..)

    My question is: How do the aliens do it? (space travel without joining the cyborg machine)

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  8. Edwin says:

    Was thinking of just the same thing…

  9. swordOFawesome says:

    anyone ever head of “Ghost in The Shell”? sounds like this might be the precursor to cyber brains, then to full body prosthetics.

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