Study Shows Chocolate Prevents Colon Cancer

Chocolate is rich in a particular variety of plant polyphenols which are powerful natural antioxidants.  Though many plant foods contain polyphenols, chocolate seems to have particular potent health-promoting and disease fighting effects.  These compounds include procyanidins, catechins and epicatechins.

An interesting observation is that among supercentenarians (those living over 110 years) a love of chocolate is often discovered.  In fact the oldest living human in history, Jeanne Calment who died at age 122, consumed chocolate on a daily basis.

In the latest study researchers examined whether the food could prevent colon cancer in rats.

An experimental group of rats were fed a daily diet consisting of 12% cocoa.  After a period of time, these rats and a non-cocoa control group were exposed to a carcinogen called azoxymethane.  Within four weeks of the toxin exposure, rats began to develop intestinal cancers.

The researcher discovered that the rats on the cocoa diets had a statistically significant reduction in the number of precancerous lesions, called aberrant crypts.

Source (EurekAlert)

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