Sesame Seed Compound Extends Lifespan in Fruitflies

Sesamin is a biologically active protein called a lignan, which is found abundantly and specifically in sesame seeds.

There have been reports in the literature showing sesamin has health promoting effects including cardiovascular and anti-cancer protection.  However previously there have not been any studies looking at whether sesamin could prolong lifespan in laboratory animals.

In the current study, researchers exposed fruitflies for the duration of their lifespans to sesamin by adding it to their feedstock.

It was found that higher dose sesamin prolonged both the mean and maximum lifespan of wildtype flies, 5% and 12% respectively.

“The underlying mechanism was most likely mediated by modulating the oxidative stress through up-regulation of SOD1, SOD2, CAT and Rpn11,” conclude the authors.

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