New Synthetic Phenol Antioxidant Extends Lifespan

Antioxidants are known to extend lifespan in experimental insect and animal models.

Owing to the fact that reactive oxygen species contributes to or causes aging, reducing their effect though antioxidant exposure is believed to be the mediator of lifespan extension.

In the current research, scientist report on the effect of a synthetic antioxidant called TC-13.  This compound was created by the research group to be a powerful antioxidant.  It is very hydrophilic so easily absorbed and contains two chemical appendages that can acts as antioxidants.

In the study, they fed fruit files the compound and measured its effect on lifespan.

It was found that administration of TC-13 prolonged both the mean and maximum lifespan of the insects.

“The protective effect of TC-13″…”in our study makes this antioxidant a promising object for research as a candidate drug for the treatment of senile neurodegenerative diseases,” write the authors.

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