New Klotho Enhancing Anti-Aging Drugs in Development

A protein called Klotho is known to be important in cellular aging pathways.  It might be considered an anti aging protein; when it is knocked out in animal models those organisms show accelerated signs of aging.  The mice usually die about 30% earlier than normal mice and, they show signs of early dementia.

Klotho is found at high levels in the brain, kidney, and reproductive organs. Its functions include regulation of FGF23 signaling, suppression of the insulin/IGF1 and Wnt signaling pathways, and regulation of calcium and phosphate homeostasis.

In the present study researchers working in the field of neuroscience report that Klotho plays an important role in the development of myelin, or the insulation around nerves in the brain.

What is intriguing about this research, however, is the fact that the team is reported as having already idenified a series of small molecules which increase Klotho levels. They are said to be presently optimizing this molecules for therepeutic use.

Lead author Carmela Abraham beleives these Klotho enchanceing drugs might prevent cancer, reduce aging, and even block Alzheimer’s disease.

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