Study: Workplace Stress Does Not Increase Cancer Risk

It might seem intuitive to suspect that high amounts of chronic stress would not be good for one’s healthspan and lifespan.

One place where stress levels can be high of course is at work.

There are some reports suggesting a direct link between stress and cancer, mediated it is believed though direct DNA damage and and inflammation.

In the current study, researchers particularly wanted to answer the question whether increased workplace stress increases the risk of developing cancer.

Publishing their data in the British Medical Journal, researchers in Finland performed a meta analysis on 12 previously published studies looking at the association of cancer and work stress in over 100,000 subjects in Europe.

The scientists categorized job ratings by participants in terms of level of strain – high, medium, and low.

Eventual cancer diagnoses for the subjects were independently obtained from national registries.

They found that 5% of all the subjects developed some type of cancer during the study interval, which was an average of 12 years of followup.

Statistical analysis revealed there was no association between cancer incidence and level of job strain.


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